Birth of the Knoxville BSD User Group

So I was watching an episode of BSDnow and somebody wrote in asking about a BSD user groups in southeast Tennessee. While I was disappointed with the answer, I was quite pleased to learn that the host Kris Moore is from the Knoxville area. I couldn't resist the opportunity to offer my support, so I wrote in to the show and offered my help. I was ecstatic to find BSDnow reading my email! I also found out that Kris Moore wasn't the only PCBSD/FreeBSD developer in the area as iXsystems apparently has a Tennessee Office. I decided to help things along to make a Knoxville BUG a reality. 

In my excitement, I put together a little artwork (which you might have noticed at the top of this page) to help fuel the fire. I also grabbed this domain and put this web site together. It looks like I've even found a great venue. I've reached out to the NYCBUG and had a brief exchange with George Rosamond as well as others like Dru Lavigne. I have to admit, everybody I've interacted with has been incredibly nice, supportive and encouraging. It seems the stars are starting to align and I'm really feeling the excitement of having a BUG in my area. I hope others will share in my enthusiasm and help make this a success!



NYCBUG has reached out to me and offered to help out by setting up a mailing list!