Advanced BASH summary.

Advanced BASH by Caleb Cooper - unleash the power of your shell


We had the pleasure of having Caleb Cooper back with another interesting presentation. This time the focus was on BASH scripting. I think it might have been due to how different shell scripts looked compared to the web languages I'm usually working with, but I've never really even considered doing more complex things with shell scripting up until now. Thanks to Caleb's presentation I think that might change. Here are some of the features I found to be interesting. 

KnoxBUG Wants You!

Knoxbug Wants You Poster


As great as our meetings have been so far, I have noticed something that I thought should be addressed. Our attendees and presenters have almost exclusively been from the FreeBSD community. While we love our OS of choice, we miss our other BSD cousins. It was a great breath of fresh air when we had our PacBSD talk and now we want more.

So this is KnoxBUG's official invitation to the greater BSD community in Tennessee to come join our BUG. Whether you are a user or a developer, want to present or simply attend, we'd love to have you join us. So PacBSD, DragonflyBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, UbuntuBSD, and any other BSD community members, heck even MacOS users, come on down! 

Block's Docs Talk.

Warren Block answering questions


In November, KnoxBUG had the good fortune of having the great Warren Block give a presentation about documentation. Most of us, including myself, don't usually think of documentation as an exciting part of the technology world. That's because it isn't really. Documentation is one of those things that we expect to be there, and to be correct. We don't really notice or make a judgment on the quality of documentation until we run into bad documentation and that is what this talk was about. 

What we learned about PacBSD

Adam Jimerson PacBSD presentation


Well we had another great presentation last meeting. If you missed it, Adam Jimerson gave us an enlightening presentation about PacBSD. PacBSD (formerly known as ArchBSD) is an operating system that is basically an Arch like approach to FreeBSD. It has a small but effective community of contributors and is a really interesting hybrid between Arch and FreeBSD. The most notable features and differences are listed below.


Going With The Flow

Ken Moore and Joe Maloney - TrueOS Talk


So we had a change of plans during August's meeting. The good news was that we had a record turnout with quite a few new faces. The bad news was that our speaker Mark Sumter had car troubles and wasn't able to make it out. After sweating bullets for a couple of minutes, Ken Moore and Joe Maloney arrived and agreed to do their TrueOS talk which was originally scheduled for September's meeting. Despite the disadvantage of short notice and not having their slides with them, it was a fantastic presentation that lasted about 90 minutes. I took some notes for the benefit of anybody that was going to attend next month but wasn't present at our August meeting. I also wanted to let everybody know that Mark made it home safe and sound. He said he'll be able to do his ZFS talk at September's meeting. So here are some of the highlights of the new TrueOS. 

Another great meeting and a new team member!

Well, we had another meeting and it did not disappoint. I'd like to once again thank Caleb Cooper for giving his presentation on cryptography and identity assurance. Caleb was nice enough to make his slides available, so they have been posted to the listing here. It was great! Our next meeting has also been posted and the topic will be ZFS! For details please visit the listing here.

Additionally I'd like to introduce Mark Sumter, who will be giving a talk at our next meeting. In addition to being our speaker for August, he has been helping me out with organizing KnoxBUG this past month. He has been a tremendous help so I've asked him to be "officially" involved in organizing KnoxBUG. I'm looking forward to working with Mark to make KnoxBUG a success.

July Meeting is Confirmed!

I’m pleased to announce that July’s meeting has been confirmed! The meeting will take place Tuesday July 26th at the Blount County Library. Our speaker will be Caleb Cooper and the talk title is “In Math We Trust: Using Cryptography to Provide Identity Assurance in the Digital World.” More details are available here

Many thanks to Caleb for volunteering to do the talk. I hope to see everybody there!

No Meeting in June but July and August are a go!

I'm sorry to say that due to some personal issues of my own and schedules not working out during BSDCan, there will be no meeting in June. On a brighter note, we have some great new developments for KnoxBUG. I already have talks lined up for July and August! July's talk will focus on Security and Encryption, and August we'll be hearing about ZFS. Once I have the room booked I will be posting the dates along with more details about the presentations on this web site as well as on the mailing list, so please subscribe!

KnoxBUG Maiden Voyage

KnoxBUG First Meeting

KnoxBUG had it's first ever meeting and we had a great turnout! There were quite a few attendees from different walks of life and with different skill levels. We had freelancers, consultants, a small team from a software company, as well as some PCBSD and FreeNAS developers from iXsystems. I couldn't have asked for a more ideal first meeting! We kicked things off with a meet and greet session and got to know each other a little bit. After that Kris Moore gave his presentation which lasted for almost an hour.

Birth of the Knoxville BSD User Group

So I was watching an episode of BSDnow and somebody wrote in asking about a BSD user groups in southeast Tennessee. While I was disappointed with the answer, I was quite pleased to learn that the host Kris Moore is from the Knoxville area. I couldn't resist the opportunity to offer my support, so I wrote in to the show and offered my help. I was ecstatic to find BSDnow reading my email! I also found out that Kris Moore wasn't the only PCBSD/FreeBSD developer in the area as iXsystems apparently has a Tennessee Office. I decided to help things along to make a Knoxville BUG a reality.