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It's Been Almost a Year!

So KnoxBUG is getting pretty close to it's first anniversary! We've had a good turnout and some fantastic meetings. In addition to the talks (which you can look up on our meetings page), we've also had some prominent members of the FreeBSD, FreeNAS and TrueOS communities in attendance. Many of these people have helped out with answering questing during the Q&A sessions after talks, and even filling in last minute when a scheduled presenter couldn't make it. I also can't forget to mention that iX Systems has also been a huge help by booking the venue for us. Thanks to everybody that helped make this happen. I'm looking forward to another year and learning even more about the BSD world.

January/February Recap

January Pizza Pi and February Joe Maloney presentation

We kicked off 2017 with our "Pizza Pi" Raspberry Pi install fest. This turned out to be a really fun meeting. It was a relaxed, low key evening of pizza, BSD installations and socializing. We were even treated to a little demo by Ken Moore showing off TrueOS Pico. Ken had his X1 Carbon running TrueOS as the server and his Raspbeery Pi 3 as the TrueOS Pico Client.

For February we had Joe Maloney give a presentation on "OpenRC on TrueOS". This talk had a lot of great information about the benefits of OpenRC and how it is a natural successor to the current init system in TrueOS/FreeBSD. I've added a link to the slides from the presentation to the meeting page for anybody interested in downloading them. 

Come Join Us!

Darth Vader says "come join us"

As great as our meetings have been so far, I have noticed something that I thought should be addressed. Our attendees and presenters have almost exclusively been from the FreeBSD community. While we love our OS of choice, we miss our other BSD cousins. It was a great breath of fresh air when we had our PacBSD talk and now we want more.

So this is KnoxBUG's official invitation to the greater BSD community in Tennessee to come join our BUG. Whether you are a user or a developer, want to present or simply attend, we'd love to have you join us. So PacBSD, DragonflyBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, UbuntuBSD, and any other BSD community members, heck even MacOS users, come on down!