KnoxBUG Roadmap for 2018

cover photo for article KnoxBUG roadmap 2018

KnoxBUG kicked things off in 2018 with our “Happy True Year” TrueOS install fest event. It was a nice informal gathering with drinks,pizza and a great turnout. There was much tinkering and laughing. As most of us do at the beginning of a new year, we also took time to reflect on the past year and make plans for how to make this new year even better.


One of the things we discussed was a change in format. While most of our attendees have been people with a lot of BSD / Unix / FOSS experience, we’ve also had a few people that are completely new to the open source world. Our talks have all been great but have mainly catered towards expert FOSS users. We want to change that approach.


Starting in February, KnoxBUG meetings will follow a new format. We will start every meeting with a short talk specifically aimed at open source beginners followed by our usual expert technical presentations. These opening open source talks will last no longer than 20 minutes and are announced ahead of time with various useful topics. We will cover topics like FOSS operating systems (TrueOS, FreeBSD, Linux), desktop environments like Lumina Desktop, basic shell command line skills, package management, and many more.


It’s our hope that future KnoxBUG attendees that are new to free and open source software will greatly benefit from our new format. We’d like to help make people’s first experience with FOSS to be educational, fun and supported by a welcoming local community. We look forward to seeing people from all experience levels at our upcoming meetings.