Join us for National FreeBSD Day.

FreeBSD day 2017


Up until now, KnoxBUG has usually skipped June since many of our members would be either at BSDCan or SELF making it hard on people's schedules to come out to one more thing. This year we're going to change that and for good reason. As it turns out, June 19th 1993 was the day the official name for FreeBSD was agreed upon. It is for this reason that the FreeBSD Foundation has officially made June 19th National FreeBSD day. One of the ways the FreeBSD foundation has proposed that users celebrate, is by having an install fest at local meetup groups.

So in honor of FreeBSD day, KnoxBUG will be hosting an install fest on Monday June 19th. Whether you're an existing FreeBSD user or even better, somebody new to FreeBSD, come on down with some hardware and get yourself set up with a top notch operating system. Some of the reasons you'll want to attend include:

  • You'll have plenty of people to lean on if you run into problems or have questions about the installation process.
  • It will be a great way to meet local members of the FreeBSD community. 
  • You can check out KnoxBUG's new venue! (iX Systems Offices)
  • In addition to FreeBSD, we'll be installing derivatives as well. (TrueOS, FreeNAS etc.) 

Whether you're an existing user or somebody that's been curious and waiting to take the plunge, KnoxBUG invites you to come down June 19th where you can install some software and make some new friends!