Caleb Cooper: Advanced BASH Scripting

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 - 6:00pm


KnoxBUG is pleased to welcome back Caleb Cooper. You may remember him from his talk last year about security. This time he'll be talking about BASH scripting. Description is below.

Take your scripts up a notch with Advanced BASH Scripting. Learn how powerful this ubiquitous language is for solving all kinds of interesting problems. If you are someone who has used shell scripting before but switch to "a more powerful" language when you want to do something complex, this talk is for you.


The location will once again be at the Blount County Library. We will be in the Dorothy Herron room - Room A. There should also be a sign directing people to the room in the hallway. If you have any questions about the meeting, you can contact us by signing up for our mailing list or visiting us on #knoxbug.