Member Feedback Session

January 2020 Member Feedback Session

For this month's meetup, we'd like to get some member feedback to help plan the year ahead. Do you have some topic you'd like us to cover in 2020? Do you have some activity you'd like us to host other than a talk? This is your chance to come and let us know so we can work on making it happen!

Nick Wolff: Home Lab Show & Tell

Nick Wolff: Home Lab Show & Tell

For this month's meeting we'll be covering the topic of home labs. We'll kick things off with Nick Wolff giving a presentation about his setup followed by a round table discussion about our home labs. Whether you already have a home lab setup at your house or if you're just starting out, KnoxBUG invites you to share your thoughts and experiences.

For location details check the listing.


Come join us for our monthly meetup! This month we will skip the lectures and be serving some BBQ and good company. Come enjoy some good food with some like minded people.

KnoxBUG Roadmap for 2018

cover photo for article KnoxBUG roadmap 2018

KnoxBUG kicked things off in 2018 with our “Happy True Year” TrueOS install fest event. It was a nice informal gathering with drinks,pizza and a great turnout. There was much tinkering and laughing. As most of us do at the beginning of a new year, we also took time to reflect on the past year and make plans for how to make this new year even better.


One of the things we discussed was a change in format. While most of our attendees have been people with a lot of BSD / Unix / FOSS experience, we’ve also had a few people that are completely new to the open source world. Our talks have all been great but have mainly catered towards expert FOSS users. We want to change that approach.